Friday, 10 October 2014

An insight into Bryan Artawijaya Susilo’s life

Bryan was observed in Apple cross, Perth, Australian state. His parents were immigrants and he identified his never ending go after knowledge about things around him at a awfully early age.

Bryan Artawijaya Susilo accustomed immerse himself in texts, encyclopedias and alternative info sources in his free time. for certain having a business-oriented father gave him the mantra for his life that “You area unit the designer of your own life – no matter it's you would like to style, produce a blueprint for it, and make it happen”.

On realizing his own interests for business; It wasn’t till eleven that Bryan Susilo took enterprise and business with a heavy and lustful approach in his life.

Surely one would like a dream and vision, before they will set out for meeting their dreams and this is what happened with Bryan Susilo as well.